How to Develop a Career Plan

22 Oct 2021

Having a career plan is a useful, personal tool that can help you prepare to enter the workforce, plan for your education, plan to upgrade or maintain your skills and plan for career advancement.

The first step in career planning is to know yourself. Understanding everything that makes you unique will help you to plan a career that suits your tablets, skills, attributes, interests and circumstances.

There are five stages to career planning:

Evaluate Myself

Having a clear picture of your unique talents, interests, values and skills will be the base of your career-planning journey. A great start to a brighter future.

Exploring Options

Once you have a clear idea of your interests, current skills and the things you value, you can start exploring options. Gather information about occupations, education and training opportunities.

Making Decisions

Once you have explored your options, the next step is narrowing down the work and/or training field on which you would like to focus. Take time to analyse the options you have explored and make decisions about what path you want to travel.

Setting Goals

You have identified your career path; now identify the steps you need to take to start moving towards your goal. Prepare an action plan and chart your course.

Implementing Your Plan

Set your plan into action. Keep in mind you may have to make some changes to keep yourself on track or set a new course when unexpected opportunities arise.

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