Date Posted: 2 Aug 2023
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity to play an historic role facilitating the journey towards Treaty in Victoria
  • Be a driving force in the establishment of a new, culturally strong body that is independent of the State. The Treaty Authority will be ground breaking – a new type of body and the fi rst of its kind in Australia
  • Play a pivotal function as an independent umpire overseeing Statewide and local Treaty negotiations between the State and Aboriginal Communities in accordance with the Treaty Negotiation Framework
  • Lead the Treaty Authority to deliver its statutory functions, safeguarding the Treaty Process for all people in Victoria
  • Total remuneration package at VPS senior executive level
  • Applicants must be First Peoples

About the Treaty Authority

The Treaty Authority is the fi rst cultural authority body of its kind; a unique body that will support Treaty-making in Victoria between First Peoples and the State. It will be made up of First Peoples and will observe and uphold Aboriginal Lore, Law and Cultural Authority. The Treaty Authority is independent of the State, sitting outside government and not subject to Ministerial direction or control.

Role of the Treaty Authority Members

As a Member of this new body, you will establish its culturally strong governance and operations in a timely way. Members will be responsible for delivering the functions of the Treaty Authority and maintaining strong, positive relationships with First Peoples’ communities, across government and with all stakeholders.

The Treaty Authority’s functions are:

  • Facilitating and overseeing Treaty negotiations and administering the Treaty Negotiation Framework – the rules for Treaty negotiations
  • Providing for resolution of disputes arising in, or incidental to, Treaty negotiations in accordance with the Treaty Negotiation Framework
  • Carrying out research to support Treaty negotiations and the administration of the Treaty Negotiation Framework


To be eligible for appointment, applicants must be First Peoples. Whilst candidates do not need to be Victorian Traditional Owners, the selection criteria require that candidates have a connection with and are a valued member of the Victorian First Peoples’ community.

How to apply

To apply or to nominate someone to be a Treaty Authority Member, interested individuals can request an information pack from IndigCareers by sending an email expressing their interest/nomination to

Closing date

The closing date for applications is Monday, August 28 at 11:59pm.

Note: Any nominated individuals will be required to complete an application themselves.

11:59 PM

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