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What is "Privacy"?

Privacy means ...

Because privacy is so important we seek to recognise your rights to privacy as:-


  • Reflected in the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth), and
  • The National Privacy Principles brought into existence by the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth), and
  • This policy document

How what we do affects your privacy?

Indigenous Careers & Employment carries on a number of activities summarised as follows:-

  • Consulting
    • Placement Operations - This is where we provide advice so you can find a person most suitable for a position.
    • Recruitment Strategies - this is where we provide broad Human Relations advice relating to careers and the management of those careers within your organisation.
    • Training - This is where we advise and implement training to best deliver our outcomes for both your staff and your organisation.
  • The Job Board

This is where a position is advertised on our website.

In carrying out these activities, by various means, for example answers given on forms or in response to a computer generated question we gain access to much information.  This information falls into a number of common sense categories, for example:-

  • A variety of information  relating to the internal affairs of your organisation.
  • Information personal to an individual.
  • Statistical information created by your organisation's performance for example workplace accidents or the occurrence of activities important to the operation of your human relations systems and the management of those systems.
  • Confidential information, - this maybe highly prized information relating to a competitive advantage which your organisation may have created or enjoys.

Is there a special category of Privacy?

The Australian Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth) has a special category of personal information.  This category relates to personal information or opinion about an individual relating to:-

  • Membership of a professional body, trade association or trade union membership;
  • A criminal record;
  • The health or disability of an individual;

What is important about "sensitive information"?

The Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth) restricts, in most cases the disclosure of sensitive information to where an individual has given consent

How we store personal information?

Personal information may come to be collected and stored in any number of ways:-

  • Physical hard copy
    • Letters
    • Information gathering sheets
    • Memo and note pads
  • Electronically
    • In house data, computer systems
    • External hard drive
  • Film

How do we disclose personal information?

Your personal information may come to be disclosed in three circumstances:-

  • Where such a disclosure is implicitly necessary for us to carry out our service delivery to you.
  • Where such disclosure may indirectly, but only relevantly, assist in the delivery of our services to you.
  • Where in the case of "sensitive information" is concerned we have your consent.
  • Finally, where such disclosure is required of us as matter of law.

How we manage our obligations under this Privacy Policy?

Our Principal is Kylie Kinsela, has a close working knowledge of the Privacy Act 1998 and this Privacy Policy and the obligations it imposes upon us.

It is anticipated that in time there will be appointed a staff member who will be have the responsibility currently being undertaken Kylie Kinsela.

What happens to your personal information when the purpose of its supply has ended?

While the main purpose for the supply of personal information may have come to an end nevertheless such information may be required to be kept.  The main purposes for which personal information will be kept by us is as follows:-

  • Because such information also forms part of our business records we are required pursuant to section XYZ of the income tax assessment act (Commonwealth) to retain such records for a period of seven years.
  • Where we have made your personal information anonymous so as to be able to use such information in its anonymous form for academic, statistical and where relevant generic marketing uses.

What if you discover our personal inforamtion is not accurate?

If at any time you discover that the personal information we hold about out you is inaccurate immediately contact us and we will change such information to ensure it is an accurate statement of the information you want us to have.

A Short Summary of our obligations to you

As set out in this privacy policy we undertake:-

  • Respect the privacy of any individual and the organisation we have dealings with or a required to provide a service concerning an individual or your organisation.
  • Only use personal information as explained in this privacy policy .
  • When personal information is no of further use to identify such information and have it destroyed.

Who to contact or make complaints concerning this privacy policy or the issues in may create?

If at anytime you may decide to make further enquires about this privacy policy or make a complaint concerning our compliance with such policy please make contact with the following:

Kylie Kinsela



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