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An individual’s career path often sees several turning points, highlights and  times of various opportunities. It is problematic to define key moments of this career journey, as many factors can contribute to career decisions -  from talking to a trained advisor to radical lifestyle changes that affect one’s ability to work.  

The Indigenous Careers & Employment symbol (shown adjacent) is a contemporary Aboriginal interpretation of this career journey. It is a gradual cycle, rather than a definite timeline consisting of u-turns. This is signified through the helix-like illustration, where its 3D appearance gives deeper meaning to the idea of a diverse and flourishing career path.  

At either end of the helix, the organic circles symbolise a meeting place. This is a direct reference to traditional Indigenous art, and in this instance, tells the story of meeting key people and its impact on one’s career path. The helix is asymmetrical - as in real life, the career journey thrives as it progresses to meeting significant people and the opportunities which arise from that.  

The Indigenous Careers & Employment brand believes that the Indigenous community should have access to a broad range of career opportunities; that they should be recruited and promoted on merit; and that they should be respected for their cultural background and beliefs.  

To achieve this vision, Indigenous Careers & Employment provides cost-effective, fast and culturally appropriate advertising and recruitment solutions to employers seeking Indigenous employees. We also have expertise to introduce the business into Indigenous communities.

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